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CST Concludes Emerging Technology Sandbox, DEMA Energy Among Companies Recognized

Oct 18, 2023


The Communications, Space and Technology Commission (CST) has recently recognized DEMA Energy among eight companies for the successful completion of its first Emerging Technologies Regulatory Sandbox cohort. Faris Aljehani, Founder and CEO, received the accolade on behalf of DEMA Energy, underscoring the company's dedication to pioneering sustainable solutions in the tech industry.

DEMA Energy's contribution to the CST Sandbox was the DEMA Box™, a portable data center solution. The DEMA Box™ is designed for deployment in a variety of settings, where it adeptly harnesses and repurposes unused energy. This innovative approach aligns with the company's mission to satisfy increasing computing demands.

The design of the DEMA Box™ incorporates DEMA Flexible Compute™, a responsive load management system that adapts to fluctuations in the energy market. It features immersion cooling technology to ensure energy efficiency and a modular build for easy scalability and adaptability. ™

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