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DEMA Energy's Participation in Bitcoin Oasis Dubai

Feb 8, 2024


At the Bitcoin Oasis Dubai conference, hosted by the Bitcoin Association UAE, DEMA Energy engaged in discussions on the GCC's sustainable energy future. The conference included two sessions featuring DEMA Energy's role in addressing energy challenges.

During his keynote, "GCC the New Texas," DEMA Energy’s Founder and CEO, Faris Aljehani, presented a compelling vision for the GCC as an energy hub. He emphasized how Bitcoin mining could serve as a dynamic tool to refine the region's energy utilization, spotlighting the GCC’s abundant energy resources and its strides towards renewable energy adoption. Aljehani elaborated on how leveraging these assets for Bitcoin mining not only aligns with the region's sustainability goals by reducing the overall carbon footprint but also enhances grid flexibility, enabling greater integration of renewable energy sources.

The session titled "The GCC Energy Markets" further explored this narrative. Aljehani, together with industry experts Federico Tenga from Bitfinex, Ali AlNuaimi from Shafra, and Ryan Nuckolls from Crypto Power & Digital Infrastructure Group, provided an in-depth analysis of the GCC energy sector. They discussed the transformative potential of integrating Bitcoin mining with the region’s energy policies and market dynamics, projecting a future where energy efficiency and renewable energy penetration are significantly advanced.

DEMA Energy's active participation in the Bitcoin Oasis Dubai conference underscored its dedication to redefining energy consumption patterns in the GCC. The company not only showcased its leadership in addressing regional energy challenges but also highlighted the mutual benefits for the GCC and Bitcoin mining stakeholders. This collaborative approach marks a significant step forward in the pursuit of energy sustainability and economic diversification in the region.

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